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Business of the month….TSL?

1st September 2018

Hi All,

As promised last month, I will be doing a series of featured blogs showcasing and handful of some other great businesses out there that I personally know and trust. Whether they are start-ups just finding their way in the world of entrepreneurship or more established brands that inspire me and offer a great service or product.

This month the focus is on one of THE most inspirational start-up businesses for 2018 by far. It is a venture by two young brothers who are still in school but have had their vision become a reality, and with the support of their family, decided now it’s time to really go for it. Having two little boys myself, I ensure they have great role models around them, so this is something very close to my heart.
Here’s their story…. 💙

Trendsetter London… Get used to the name!

These two fashionable brothers Tayvon and T’shay, aged 10 & 15 years old came up with an idea of having their own clothing line one day as they both had a love for fashion and wished they could inject their own style on others. The brothers both have the initials TSL so when deciding on a name, Trend Setter London represents them perfectly, and so it stuck!

Although they’d been deliberating and dreaming about it for a while, they have never stopped believing it would be a reality, their slogan is “Never Give Up” and they are determined to do just that. They overcame many of the obstacles new businesses face when starting out which can be a daunting experience for us grown-ups let alone young adults who have no knowledge of certain business processes. With the help of their parents and extended family they never gave up! They are now Trend Setting in London making sure their personalities are reflected throughout their clothing line.

The collection includes T-shirts, Tracksuits, Jumpers and Snapback hats. Throughout their range the boys ensured the products were of a high quality and durable for the target audience, so you won’t be disappointed.

TSL want to inspire others to never give up, set your own trend and be unique.
Take a browse around the website
& keep up with the latest Trendsetter London styles.

Thank you for allowing our dream to become a reality.
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For and on behalf of Tayvon & T’shay – Trendsetter London


A massive well done to these young entrepreneurs who have exceeded expectations and proved so much can be achieved when you put your mind to it and follow your dreams. So often we hear about the wrong paths our youngsters are lead down and the bad press teenage boys receive regarding crime and gangs but TSL is such a ray of sunshine & positivity in comparison of that and something I support 100% and I hope you all do too.

Stay tuned over the coming months for more featured businesses, design associated discussions, random thoughts, unusual finds and much more…
Wishing you all a positive month ahead, until next time my new Trend Setters!

Nicola x