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December 2018

12th December 2018

Hi All,

We are days away from Christmas and the festivities are well under way, the endless Christmas tunes are playing in all the shops and the adverts that make you want rush to the shops ‘to get that must have thingy’ are on during all your favourite TV shows (you know the one’s).

The decorations are up, and party outfits are at the ready…. “woohoo – that Christmassy feeling, don’t ya just love it!?”

For the last couple of month’s it’s been far from quiet in the office although I’ve been quiet in keeping you posted of what has actually been going on in the Bead Interiors world. So what have I been doing since my last blog, I hear you ask??

The first and most resent news (drum roll please…)

We are very proud to announce we have been listed in ‘The Interiors Index’ of ‘The World of Interiors’ magazine, January 2019. This is one of my absolute favourite Interiors magazines out on the market and has been for many years, since I started out in Interiors 20 years ago (it’s a timeless classic). So, to have the opportunity to be listed in the New Year edition Interiors Index is a really nice touch to start off our year and hopefully how we mean to go on. Keep an eye out for it, out in stores now.


Also over the last couple of month’s, I’ve been doing much more 3D CAD drawings for both trade and retail clients. So the sudden influx of plans that needed to be drawn up kept me busy and away from social media. So from what started as a recommendation for drawings has now encouraged me to launch a new service. I will soon be offering a CGI (computer generated image) service for trade and residential clients. It’s aimed at those of you who have an architectural plan, a rough sketch or even a design in your mind that you would like to see as a digital 3d image, well BEAD INTERIORS can now also help with that too.

This CGI service will be an option in the ‘Design Only’ project package and will be available from Jan 2019 for all those design plans you want to get started on for the coming Year.

Here’s just a couple of example images that I’ve recently completed for clients.

Because the last quarter of 2018 has been so fast paced, I have been a bit more chilled about the festive season this year, probably as I’ve not had the time to give it much thought until last week. I always promise myself every year to be more organised in getting gifts early and spreading the costs throughout the year. Well you guessed it… I didn’t quite manage those plans and the beginning of December started with the vision of last year’s mad rush and panic buying. I shouldn’t worry as it always works out in the end and by Christmas eve, I’ll be relaxed and well chuffed with my superwoman skills of the previous weeks, and sleep well that magical Christmas eve night knowing the next few days will be filled with lots of food, drink, laughter and most importantly love. My favourite time of year 😊

Wishing you all the Merriest Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nicola x