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Photographer: Tony Mitchell,

Kitchens by Nicola

1st June 2018

Hello and welcome…

In this month’s blog I thought I’d just share a snippet of some kitchens I’ve designed and completed over the years prior to me starting-up Bead Interiors Ltd. During those years from 2003-2018 I gained valuable experience in the kitchen design field and embraced the path my design career had taken. I had never thought whilst studying for my Interior Design degree that I would go out into the world of work and end up specialising in kitchen design, but really glad I did!

However there came a point in the last few years when the dreams of owning my own design consultancy kept resurfacing even though the fear of leaving the security of a job and the risk of starting out on your own often knocked me back to reality and in turn back to being an employee. It was a battle between the pros and cons; that comfort knowing your salary will be paid on time every month and none of those useful employee benefits vs the freedom of producing unique yet functional spaces for my own clients, in my own way and answering to myself (The Boss). Well those dreams have now become a reality and a rollercoaster of the exciting and busy days mixed in with the not so good days too, but I just Love it!

Here is a small selection of kitchen designs that featured in magazines and are a bit different to the norm…

When planning a kitchen or any other interior space it’s important to me that I showcase the client’s personality, therefore having bespoke design elements are a real treat as its totally unique to you and your household. I also try not to impose my own design style and instead really listen to their wishes and understand how they use their space as individuals and as a family.

If you need help getting your dream kitchen designed and installed fill in your details on the right and I will be in touch soon to discuss further.

Nicola x