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1st August 2018

Hello and welcome…

This month I’m keeping it short and sweet. I would just like to set the stage and keep my promise to hand over my page for some other inspirational businesses to showcase their services and/ or products. The first guest blogger and “business of the month” will be featured right here next month in all of their glory, on 1st September.

As a new business I can relate to the struggles and fears we go through when deciding to go at it alone. For that reason, I want to promote, support and congratulate other likeminded entrepreneurs and allow my site to also be a place to find new and upcoming start-ups as well as established businesses and what they have to offer.

Every few months I will let another business owner be a guest blogger here and tell you all a bit about what they do.

The businesses featured will be a variety of disciplines, ranging from creative professionals e.g. product designers, website designers, hairdressers, fashion designers etc. to health & wellbeing advisors, personal trainers, and many more other organisations whose work I personally admire and get inspiration from.

So, if you fancy a shot at being featured here in the future, then drop me an email at [email protected] and tell me a bit about what you do. There will be a fair screening and selection process to go through to limit repetition of certain types of businesses being showcased but I will be happy to build networking opportunities and recommend you to whoever may need someone like you.

Be sure to check in every now and then as that someone who you were destined to connect with may just be found right here!

Nicola x