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Social Media and me…

Hi you lovely lot,

I hope all has been good or at least manageable for the first two months of 2018.
On a personal level I can’t complain as the start of the year has been good for me, launching this business, and a few projects already on the go to kick start me into gear. It has been exciting to say the least. After the brief introductory blog about me – Nicola; the Founder/ owner / Creative Director of Bead Interiors, I’ve decided to take you on a journey about various relevant and sometimes irrelevant bits of info I feel like sharing with you all. My design likes and dislikes, people who inspire and motivate me, innovative products and desirable services, especially ones that are tried and tested by me or my lot. There may also be times when the blog is me just deciding to have a whinge about something and nothing. Whatever it might be stayed tuned at the end of every month to see what’s new.

Something that has been less than manageable for me lately is how much of my time is needed to dedicate to the various social media platforms. As a new business it is important if you want to reach a wider audience but also just finding the time to post “Happy birthday” on someone’s wall, like a few pics, read a post longer than 5 lines, watch a handful of videos. All in-between changing a nappy, telling one toddler to stop jumping on the sofa for the 10th time whilst feeding another, or even just researching concepts for my clients, it can all get a bit much. The chore of making sure you scroll far enough down the page just in case one of your close family or friends have posted, as I wouldn’t want to offend anyone for not commenting on or liking their “thing”!

Also checking how well my own posts are received (yes.. we all do it – that gratification we can often crave from the world of the media socialites). All I can say is “Woah – it’s A LOT” I am definitely in need of another pair of hands to achieve that kind of daily commitment – or maybe I’m just a bit ‘Old Skool’ and it isn’t as time consuming as I think it is?

My informative years had very little social media interaction – it was just starting out really (now I’m showing my age…) i.e. chat rooms, and dial-up connections that would clog up the phone line – broadband was not even an option back then. That being said it’s not always my first go to thing when I get a few minutes peace (designing, planning concepts and window shopping however IS my thing..) I’m always looking for something to purchase, whether it be homewares, office products, a new outfit and shoes (of course) now that’s what takes up many hours of my not so spare time (think that’s a future blog right there – my window shopping obsession).

The reality is the social media world is almost a necessity in today’s society, but now there are experts out there ready and able to take that task off your shoulders. For all those budding entrepreneurs or those just wanting more media exposure, a social media expert can be a real game changer. So below is a highlight on two businesses that we would like to mention this month:

I will be working closely with two social media experts on various projects and services, see links to the websites and contact info below:


  1. SAMA Media
  2. (A boutique consultancy, specialising in end-to-end Sales and Marketing)
  3. Chanelle Burrows
    (Digital Content, Social Strategy, Event Planning and PR/Influencer Marketing)


One of our mottos at BEAD is: “Not everyone can be good at all things”, hire a professional in that field. Become Efficient ADelegating, you’ll soon see results!!
(see what I done there… BEAD branding at its best) 😊

BEAD NEWS: Jan – Feb 2018

Do you have a furniture item that does not suit your décor, got a little bit shabby and in need of a makeover or is a family heirloom you can’t bring yourself to get rid of? Then why not send us a photo of the item, along with a description of where you’d like to use it if it were revived and for a small fee we will then create a concept moodboard for you to either do the necessary DIY to achieve its facelift or we can have it collected and restored to a new more loved piece of furniture or accessory. This service can also be used in conjunction with any of the other three packages we offer.

For your chance to win a free design consultation and digital design for 1x room of your choice (usually £300) email #win1design to [email protected]

Four winning prizes throughout the year. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of each quarter with the good news.
Good Luck x